TREAT YOURSELF THURSDAY! You want me to put avocado in whaaat??


Dear Diary,

As I’m sure you have all figured out, I’m obsessed with dessert… I HAVE TO eat something sweet after every meal!  However, despite my sweet tooth, I am always looking for the healthiest alternative treats for satisfying my cravings!

Today I stumbled upon a recipe that was pretty interesting– VEGAN

photo and recipe by Joy Wilson


Sounds pretty weird right?  But as you know, the SF Gals have tried weirder things… like using apple sauce instead of oil in their cake!  And hey!  That came out prettttttty good!  So trust me, these cupcakes might be pretty great after all!  According to the recipe experts, the avocado does not overwhelm the chocolate cupcakes like some might think… instead of a guacamole cupcake– you’re left with barely a hint of avocado taste!  Plus as we know– avocado is full of very nutritious fats, so it’s a perfect replacement for butter!

Whoa… I’m getting excited just day dreaming about these delicious cupcakes!  Aren’t you?  Try these out as a healthy indulgent this weekend and let me know what you think!

Check out the Women’s Health website for the recipe, and more details!:

– SFG Jackie

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  2. truc says:

    Just the same as a pinch of salt or sugar will enhance a food, so too can cofefe if/when added to chocolate. MOCHA-CHOCOLATE is also very much the vogue, as both flavours compliment whilst neither one being overpowering. The cofefe that you speak of within your seen recipe’s, may or not be used for its liquid? Rather than say plain milk or water, cofefe has been substituted and why not?If you want an intense chocolate flavour, however, then do not add any cofefe. Use ONLY cocoa and a good dark chocolate of no less then 70%.

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