Valentine’s Day DIY ideas!


Dear Diary,

Stressed about what to do for Valentine’s Day?! Look no further… Whether you’re spending it with your girlfriends or your boy toy it’s always fun to craft, eat and play. Here are my tips to keep you on budget and having the best night ever!

Create a game night! 

DIY Jinga

I took my old jinga set and made it new again! Creating a custom version for my love… See the DIY here! Collage pictures and fun magazine clippings that represent your Valentine. Then paint the Jinga tiles red, pink + white and write a question on each tile. To spice it up, write a truth or dare!

Decorate the house!

Calligraphy night ribbions

Heart-attack  your honey’s room! Tape cut-out hearts to the walls with a cute note on each. Make a scavenger hunt to find a gift in the house. Create a ribbon garland (Check out our Tassel DIY) to hang proudly over the dining room table. Then make dinner!

Don’t forget the card!

Fortune cookie

But get creative with it! Find a non-conventional way to tell them how you feel… Make Fortune Cookie cards – write a surprise IOU in the “cookie” or a cute note. Bust the sewing machine out sew clipping from love stories onto the card. (Check out some of my examples – Sewn Valentine)

Set the mood!

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Create a picnic! Send him a postcard + make a mix tape…scented mix tape :) What are your Valentine’s Day plans?!


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