Veuve anyone?!


Dear Diary,

If you read my post last week, you know we went to Santa Barbara for a bachelorette weekend. Yay! So you shouldn’t be surprised when my next five posts are all about it. What can I say, I like to milk my experiences for good blog material (remember all my Thailand posts?!).

When planning a bachelorette you don’t want to plan out every last minute of the itinerary. You want to leave some room for spontaneity! We left our Saturday open to either go wine tasting or to the beach. We decided on going to the beach, and walking there at that! Y’all know we’re thrifty and cab rides can be expensive, plus “roadies” were a definite must so walking was the obvious choice. Let the adventure on foot begin…


We started out really ambitious… “We can definitely walk to the beach. This will be such a fun adventure!”


“Hey, we have our umbrella to-go cups so we’ll be fine.”


“Wow. This is a lot longer than I realized. Are we still on our street?! Maybe we should stop and take a photo break?!…”


“Oh look! Cool. Railroad tracks! We really are on an adventure! Do you think we’re going the right way?”


“This is so fun. Too bad we already finished our drinks though…”


“Oh wait… What’s that you see? A Veuve truck?! Definitely pretending to be a part of whatever event is going on.”


“Champagne, hors d’oeuvres & custom sunglasses for everyone? Really? Thanks! Geez, we’re spoiled. What a perfect day & we haven’t even made it to the beach yet!”


“Sipping in style!”


“Think we’ll ever make it there?! Who cares, I’m buzzed.”

Wonder if we ever made it to Butterfly Beach? Stay tuned.





Photos: Valorie Darling Photography

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  1. Marla says:

    haha! this is too cute. :) Looks like a blast. xoxo


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