Dear Diary,

You know those girls who think chivalry is dead, and getting flowers on a first date is lame… well that’s NOT me.  I am a flower girl.  I absolutely LOVE to decorate my apartment in flowers… I’m even trying to start my own little garden on my balcony!  Here’s a tip, if I invite you over for dinner and cocktails, and you want to bring a gift like wine or dessert… know that flowers are welcome too! :)

Flowers have the ability to brighten up a room instantly!  Placing some beautiful purple orchids in the kitchen, or a bouquet of white roses on an elegantly draped table can transform your home… adding texture, radiant color, and life back into any old, boring room!

The only issue is that constantly buying flowers can be a bit pricey… and once cut, the flowers quickly lose their bloom… and within a week you feel like you’ve wasted 10 bucks!… that’s why I started to dry my flowers out…

Before the flowers begin to welt, rubber-band the stems together, and hang the bundle upside down on a clothes line– if you don’t have a clothes line– which is completely understandable since it’s the 21rst century– place them back in a clean, dry vase to dry by a window where lots of sunlight is accessible!

Flowers will dry completely intact and strong, with a darker, vibrant tone that provides a vintage elegance to any room!  I love the way they look, and this allows me to have flowers all the time! So next time, before you toss that old bouquet out– dry them out!

– SFG Jackie

dried flowers

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  1. Elina says:

    this is amazing!

  2. Elusa says:

    helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more, this is the way a blog should be! thanks!

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