Watermelon Mint Cocktail – 3 Day Weekend Here We Come!


Watermelon Cut Out Garnish

Dear Diary,

Who’s ready for the three day weekend?!!  My significant other and I are heading down to Laguna Beach and I have been counting the days… Our friend is hosting a clam bake and I wanted to bring something a little more personal than a bottle of wine. So, we came up with this refreshing, watermelon mint cocktail.

We felt our concoction wouldn’t be complete without getting into the spirit of Memorial Day – red stars and blue polka dotted straws seemed to fit the bill! We simply used  cookie cutters to create the stars; be warned though, we ate our fair share of watermelon while creating these decorations.  Watermelon is just so refreshing – we couldn’t help ourselves!  This really is a great cocktail for day drinking and barbeques!

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Watermelon Mint Cocktail

* Mint leaves 4 or 5 will do

* Half of stevia package, sweeten to taste / 2 tsp

* Watermelon seeded and cut into half inch cubes you’ll need about  3 or 4 cubes

*  1 lime

* 2 oz of Caliche Rum (any white rum will do)

* ice

Place the mint leaves, stevia and lime wedges in a large glass. Make sure to give the limes a hearty squeeze first! Then you’ll want to take a muddler – wooden or steel – and muddle for about 20-30 seconds. Do this until the stevia dissolves and you smell the mint. Next take 3 or 4 watermelon cubes and muddle them gently into a juice. Stir in the rum and fill the glass with ice. I chill my rum before I make this drink. My thought is the colder the cocktail the more refreshing.  Add ice and whisk gently… serve and enjoy!

Cheers to a relaxing and refreshing weekend! Signature

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  1. Lindsay says:

    What a cute idea!! Love the star shape watermelon!!

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