We Set A Date!



Dear Diary,

OK…so we did it! We have finally set a date! Now it’s time to get started on the wedding details. (warning becoming a women obsessed with the small stuff) Magazines and blogs, alike, suggest that you look back and weave the story of how you came to be  a couple. Hmmm, when did we “officially” label ourselves an item? Let’s see… Max and I, were both getting manicures and pedicures at the Big Apple Salon on Sunset, ironic it’s named after New York, but it’s in the heart of Los Angeles. (Men in LA have no qualms about going to a nail salon – I respect that, especially since flip-flops are worn year round here.)

There we both were, sitting quietly; my massage chair set on “knead,” pounding steadily into my back – when Stevie, my wonderfully efficient nail technician, looked up and asked Max, “is she your girlfriend?” At that moment, I noticed Celine Dion, and only Celine Dion, was the Big Apple’s chosen background music..nothing like hearing the song, “My Heart Will Go On,” followed by, “Because You Loved Me,” during a pivotal moment in one’s relationship. I sheepishly smiled, Max’s ears turned pinkish and we both kind of sunk down in our chairs – the kneading massage chair was no longer pleasant in that position. #justsayin

It wasn’t until we both got back it the car that we become official. It wasn’t terribly romantic, I believe Max’s exact words were, “well I’m not seeing anyone else, are you?” I believe, he mentioned something about not having time to see anyone else, but I’m going to erase that from the official transcript to make it sound like he was a little more excited about receiving the title of boyfriend.

I, guess, the big question now, should our wedding favors be nail polish? Or do we just toast to Stevie?…I mean if it wasn’t for him, who know’s where we would be today. Ladies, if you are looking for a way to find out where your relationship stands, might I suggest the Big Apple Nail Salon on Sunset?



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  1. Beth says:

    Love this. Cute photos too.

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