Dear Diary,

Growing up friendship bracelets were a staple fashion item. From summer camp swim level bracelets to the braided ones I received from friends; I wore them with pride until they literally disintegrated off my wrist.

I have to admit I haven’t worn one in several years, until I heard about his new fun company – WearShare! My WearShare bracelet has quickly become my favorite accessory!  It’s a Portland based company that creates unique, personalized bracelets out of canvas to help connect people, cultures and art. You design your bracelet with images you have on Facebook and they print it onto their cool canvas swatch. You have one to wear and one to share!

They are the best gift for $7 and you get to enjoy it too! It comes in the cutest packaging and each bracelet is handmade. It’s the most personal friendship bracelet you can have and they wear down perfectly.

My bracelet has pictures of some of the kids in my charity, SoCal HeARTs. I love getting to see them everday and it helps keep me motivated!  When people ask about it, I not only get to share my cause but a cool brand! (WearShare has a 50/50 program for non-profit fundraising!) To create your personalized bracelet & order yours today, check out…www.wearshare.us

Founding members of SoCal HeARTs rocking our WearShare friendship bracelets!





I love my WearShare!

(Christin Rose Photography)

Art shouldn’t just be seen, WEAR IT!

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