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Dear Diary,

I love discovering ways to trick myself into exercise. It was Sunday and my body was still trying to recover from both a gnarly cycling class and 2 mile run from the day before.  Max was away this weekend, so I felt the need to get out of town as well. I went to visit a dear friend in Santa Barbara.

 Three years ago, I too, called Santa Barbara my home. It’s a place that I encourage everyone to visit once in their lifetime. The town is perfectly painted soft earth tones, designer sweatpants are the dress code and organic vegetable juice is the morning ritual. It’s a culture centered around yoga, hiking and mountain biking – fit isn’t an option, but a requirement.

So, as I headed back up this weekend, I got into character – Lululemon’s, “organic” sunscreen and green juice in tow. We were planning on going straight to yoga class, but it was so beautiful out, the beach won out. Walks on the beach are the “it,” thing to do in Santa Barbara, kinda what the Runyon Canyon Hike is to West Hollywood. And SFG fact, if you walk 3 miles at a brisk pace, you are burning about the same amount of calories if you run 3 miles. Plus, walking on sand provides more resistance, so it helps tone your legs as well.


I’m obessed with floppy beach hats, they are so fun and chic…compared to my usual baseball hat ensemble.


I felt very zen at this part of the walk… Maybe Mr. Miyagi’s motivational hand kept us walking.


 On this walk (at a very brisk pace) I discovered I need something to love..and I’d prefer it to be furry. Yes I have my “now forever “boyfriend, but I’m not sure that’s enough. I want something that doesn’t really talk back…


This is the view, when you look away from the ocean. It’s where you wished the Hobbit movie started and maybe ended…

We did end up going to a night time yoga class at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center. It was an hour and half class without music! That was a struggle, the only sound was heavy breathing and the occassional grunt from the older gentlemen in the back row. It was an all levels class, he was clearly a beginner, so I have to applaud the effort. But I had to hold in my laughter when his downward dog turned into a flying squirrel…But that’s the thing about yoga and life,  I suppose, if you don’t try you’ll never know what you can and can’t do.  I left Santa Barbara a little lighter, namaste._MG_7745#2


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