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Dear Diary,

The weather is beginning to change, and a new season is beginning… while it’s hard to say goodbye to summer, I have to say I’m not too bummed.  Fall is my favorite season… the crisp air, cozy fashion, the anticipation of the holiday season… there’s nothing about fall I don’t love.

But that doesn’t mean I have to kiss summer goodbye immediately.  With great weather still on the horizon I decided to treat myself and friends to a laid-back picnic with some of my favorite treats… how do peanut butter cookies, and a fig, goat cheese,walnut spread on a toasted baguette sound?!  Here’s what I made on my leisurely picnic…

These aren’t just regular peanut butter cookies– these are HEALTHY, CHEWY, DELICIOUS, 2 INGREDIENT peanut butter cookies introduced to me by the blog mind over much.

All you have to do is:

  • combine 1 cup of peanut butter (organic no sugar added) & 1 egg… that’s it!!!!
  • when the “dough” is mixed,  roll into small balls and gently press down with a fork to create the shape
  • bake in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes.

What I decided to do is dip some of my peanut butter cookies in melted dark chocolate– I used Lily’s dark chocolate with no sugar added.

  • In a sauce pan pour 1 cup of chocolate chips with 1/4 cup of almond milk
  • turn on the heat and combine until melted
  • the chocolate should be smooth and glossy
  • dip cookies when cooled for some extra flavor and sweetness

peanut butter cookies SFG Diary 2 ingredients!

While dessert alone would suffice my appetite, I thought it might be smart to have some extra food around!

I decided to make brussels sprouts for my picnic for three reasons, and three reasons only… 1) brussels sprouts are absolutely delicious, 2) they are easy to prepare, and 3)… they were in my fridge ready to go!  ha always the best reason to cook something… don’t you think? brussels sprouts don’t require a lot of attention– this is what you do:

  • buy organic, fresh brussels sprouts
  • chop off the dead ends
  • drizzle on extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper
  • broil in the oven until crisp! (high heat for about 20 minutes)

SFG Diary brussel sprout picnic

Another picnic necessity– vegetables and greek yogurt dip– the perfect alternative to ranch.  It’s simple, tangy and healthy.

  • combine 1 cup of plain greek yogurt with the juice of 1 lemon
  • add a dash of salt & pepper
  • add as much chopped red onions and chives as you like!
  • mix until completely combined

SFG Diary greek yogurt dip and carrots

Lastly, NO picnic would be complete without a baguette!  Picnics seem so Parisian to me, don’t you agree!?  Cheese and bread is the perfect way to complete this picnic masterpiece… and making this delicious baguette spread was easy!

  • slice open the baguette, then toast in a 350 degree oven until crispy (about 10 minutes)
  • spread goat cheese on one side of the baguette, once coated add a dash of salt
  • slice fresh figs and place on top
  • for the other half of the baguette- combine a small handful of walnuts, fresh spinach and a dash of salt and pepper in a food processor
  • pour the mixture on the other half and viola!  Put the halves together and you’ve got one heck of a baguette sandwich!

walnut and spinach baguette SFG Diary

The sweet fig is the perfect compliment to the salty walnuts and creamy goat cheese– I’m so glad I have another baguette, I think I’ll have to make another one of these babies before the weekend is over!

picnic baguette SFG Diary

Are you going to try any of these recipes this weekend?!  Let us know!  :)

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