Ring Shopping: White Lips in Tiffany & Co.


Dear Diary,

Alright, let’s just address the elephant in the room. I have a cold sore, but before you start judging my spotted past, I’ll have you know my mother gets them and I inherited this lovely trait. I’m trying to be an adult about it, but after looking in the mirror I believe my neurotic side has won. My lips are a lovely shade of white. I  remind myself of the crack addict Dave Chappelle once played.

Hiding under the covers in my room till the cold sore went away was the plan, but my boyfriend offered to take me shopping for ” sexy” sweatpants. Though every women knows no such item exists, I decided to indulge him because I like me some sweats.

Enter the most exciting/embarrassing/ not the way I planned moment of my life. Here’s the bf and I trying to accomplish mission impossible and on the way we walk past Tiffany. My bf stops, looks at my white lips, and decides a hug is best and says there’s a Tiffany wanna go look at rings?

I have never tried on an engagement ring in my life. My inner child, who used to play in wedding dresses, aka sheets, was overcome with excitement! However, I noticed Tiffany’s security keeping a watchful eye on me and I was reminded that my hair looked like an 80s video and my lips resembled that of a crack addicts. And that’s how this SFG lost my her ring virginity.



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  1. Adriana says:

    thanks for share!

  2. Cinira says:

    hi, great post. i really admire your work


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