Dear Diary,

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone… but the memories will last forever (sighhhh).  This was the cheesy thought I had as I was getting to bed late after a night of ‘wining and dining’ with my man.  Due to our crazy schedules, it’s become a habit for us to get into bed late and wake up very early… and while he doesn’t seem to have any trouble falling asleep (thirty seconds after his head hits the pillow, he’s out like a light), I’m not so lucky.  Unfortunately for those around me, I am quite cranky when lacking sleep.  After a long day, the “function” switch shuts off in my head, and suddenly I’m crying; throwing a tantrum in the middle of my kitchen over a spilled potato chip… “You don’t understannnnd!  I wanted THAT potato chip,” I cry!

This kind of tired is called overtired; and unfortunately when you’re THIS busy, like so many of us fierce women are, it’s easy to become overtired, overwhelmed, and even too tired to fall asleep! It’s a vicious cycle!

The importance of sleep is simple… if you don’t get enough, several BAD things can happen to you:

1)  Gain Weight:  Sleep deprivation causes one to make poorer food choices.  And if you’re not getting enough sleep, your metabolism will not function properly.

2) Bad Skin: Less sleep results in a greater number of stress hormones that will show up in the form of zits all over your pretty face!  Plus lack of sleep will lead to dull, dehydrated skin!

And last but not least…

3) Inability to Function like a NORMAL HUMAN BEING!!!!

All of these are important, wouldn’t you agree? The worst though might be the third, losing a sense of reality…

Well going back to my story of Valentine’s night, after being showered by love, kisses, and cuddled just the way I like it; I was finally starting to drift off to sleep after several hours of staring at my ceiling…. I awoke suddenly.

Not by the obnoxious ring of my alarm clock, but by an obnoxious noise that seemed to be coming from the person next to me.

Startled, I look to my left and see my boyfriend sleeping– he appears to be in a deep sleep but his mouth is moving and I hear a faint whisper.  Chanting perhaps? Could this be real paranormal activity?  Where’s the camera?

I check the clock and it flashes 3AM.  Now if you’ve EVER seen a horror movie… the possessed are always most active at 3AM!  Suddenly, I hear a faint drip from the bathroom faucet… didn’t I shut that off?  After contemplating whether a spirit would pop out if I dared to move, I finally summoned the courage to check… but when I did– the sink was off!

Now some may think these delusions are real… others might think that they’re a figment of my imagination due to lack of sleep!  Either way… I never want to have another night like that.

A SLEEP ROUTINE will keep overtired-ness at bay and allow you to sleep soundly all night long– avoiding the monster under the bed:
1) Drink Sleepy time or chamomile tea to relax your body!
2) Exercise!
3) Shut down electronics by a certain time and have a bedtime routine! I know it might sound silly or childish, but hey it works!  Make sleep time, YOU time!
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